The MeatStick Tråløse Termometer

The MeatStick is a TRUE wireless smart meat thermometer that monitors, tracks
and records your meat’s cooking temperatures and sends instant notifications to the
The MeatStick App on your iOS or Android device when your meat is ready.

Key Features
-A TRUE wireless smart meat thermometer that helps you cook the perfect gourmet steak.
-Broadcast its temperature continuously via Bluetooth signal to mobile devices.
-The battery and electronics are encased within the stainless steel probe that is protected by the meat for the entire cook. The ceramic handle is able to withstand up to 300°C (572°F).
-Dual temperature sensors to monitor the meat’s internal and ambient temperatures up to 100ºC (212ºF) and 300ºC (572°F) respectively.
-All features controlled from the companion free MeatStick App for Android and iOS devices.
-Charge the Meat Thermometer battery using the Charger (TC200).
-The app can monitor up to 8 MeatSticks simultaneously.
-Select final meat temperatures from the recipes built into the MeatStick App.
-Receive audible, tactile, and/or visual notifications from your smartphone when your meat is ready/almost ready, when abnormal ambient temperatures are detected, and when battery is low.
-May extend wireless range via The MeatStick Xtender (BR200) a Bluetooth repeater, The MeatStick WiFi Bridge (BR600) or a spare smart device via WiFi.
-Available in 4 colors for easy identification.

Product Dimension Stainless Steel Probe – 6.0 x 93.7 mm
Ceramic Handle – 10.2 x 43 mm
Charger TC100 - 180 x 40 x 24 mm
Weight MeatStick - 14.8g | Charger TC200 – 66.4g
RF Signaling Bluetooth Low Energy, Version 4.0
Batteries MeatStick: Rechargeable | Charger: 2x AAA batteries
Power Life per Charge > 24 hours
Charge Time 3 hours from 0% to 100%
Bluetooth Range 15 meters line of sight [*]
Operating Environment Oven, Barbecue, Smoker, Sous Vide, Grill, Rotisserie,
Stove Top
Operating Meat Temperature Range 0 to 100°C | 212°F
Operating Environment Temperature Range 0 to 300°C | 572°F
Storage Temperature -20 | -4°F to 70°C | 158°F
Cleaning Condition Dishwasher Safe, Waterproof, Easy to Clean
Certification FCC, CE, FDA (US Food Contact Grade)
Free App Android 5.0 or later, iOS 8 or later

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