The MeatStick WiFi Bridge Set

The WiFi Bridge extends the range of The MeatStick through WiFi or Bluetooth
and allows the user to monitor temperatures from remote locations.

Key Features
-Operates as a WiFi Bridge for your MeatStick to your smart phone when you are away.
-Send temperature information to the cloud server allowing you to retrieve your temps from anywhere.
-The Wifi Bridge is able to receive temperature data transmitted from up to 8 MeatSticks.
-Display temperature information on the backlit LCD screen, including assigned name for the MeatStick, current meat temperature, ambient temperature, and estimated remaining cooking time.
-If you have no WiFi, the Bridge can rebroadcast The MeatStick’s temperature data up to 300 feet away outdoors or 100 feet away indoors through Bluetooth in Xtender mode.
-Press button on the top of housing to change display of temperature information to different MeatSticks if multiple MeatSticks are in use.
-Light up LCD screen and audible alerts when a pre-set cooking situation occurs, such as when the meat temperature hits early warning/target temperature, ambient temperature is too high/low, signal loss, and/or MeatStick’s battery level is low.
-Detachable WiFi antenna for easy replacement with more powerful antenna to extend WiFi range.
-Powered by microUSB via a power adapter or power bank.
-Ideal or those that do low and slow BBQ or cook very often.

Product Dimension Bridge: 88 x 74 x 29.4mm
With Antenna: 150 x 111 x 29.4mm
Weight 105g
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Transmission 0dBm
Sensitivity -95dBm
Wi-Fi 1T1R 802.11 b/g/n
Transmission: 15dBm Sensitivity:
-68dBm Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Buzzer 85dB/10cm
Detachable WiFi Antenna Gain: 3dBi
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 55°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 65°C
Power 5VDC 0.5A Micro USB input
Certification FCC, CE

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